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12 Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2011

12 Chinese Zodiac Forecast  2011

Rat Forecast
The year of Tiger could be an uneasy one for the Rat people,things will improve in the Year of Rabbit but it will require endeavor and patience.
This year full of celebrations for you,both in family-wise and work-wise.However, take note of irregularities in work relationship.
Ox Forecast
Compared to Tiger Year,this year or Rabbit is a much improved one;youshould focus on your objective,work hard on it and will definitely see positive results.
Be more open-minded to thoughtful opinions of other will signnificantly favor your goal.
Tiger Forecast
With the Tiger People's energy,personality and ideas, you will fare well this Rabbit year.Many Tigers will find themselves in increasing demand in the Year of Rabbit.
The Rabbit year will give the Tigers an excellent chance to make headway.Even when you are in trouble or stuck by obstacles,you will soon solve it with the help of right person.
It is a year favoring development and progress the tiger can as well enjoy some fine personal achievement.
Rabbit Forecast
By remaining aware and resilient, many Rabbits would have survived the challenging Tiger Year.In his own year,The Rabbits will enjoy extraordinary luck amid.
occasional increasing pressures.It is worth the Rabbit giving extra commitment for this Rabbit Year, endurance and patience will favor you to achieve your goals.
Dragon Forecast
Overall,Rabbit Year will be a steadier one for the Dragon.Lacking the pace of the tiger year,It will give him the chance to concentrate on his priorities.
Also following year is the Dragon's own year and the progress he make now can often stand him in good stead for the auspicious times that lie ahead.
This can be a valuable year and far-reaching but sometimes things can turn out to be in volatile way.
Snake Forecast
The Tiger year will be a much improve and excellent one for the Snake.Not only will you fell more in control of your situation but also find greater fulfillment in many your undertakings.
You will also have the chance to make more of your specific talents.
Horse Forecast
With the Horse ability to focus on the things he wants and willingness to put yourself forward, you can fare well.
While many aspects may be on his side, this is not a time for being too independent in your actions or taking undue risks.
Take note, the signs are promising, but haste and ill-thought out actions could undermine your prospects.
Goat Forecast
The year of Rabbit ushers in a much more positive time for the Goat.After the pressure and vexations of the previous Ox and Tiger Year,there will now be more opportunities for him to make progress and enjoy developments.
Overall,Rabbit Year is a year for Goat to start fresh and anew.Stay far away from conflicts of the other or you might end up being the scapegoat.
Monkey Forecast
With the presence of Ziwei Star,this year must be a progressive and favorable year,but to benefit the Monkey will need to be active and prote your ideas and use your strengths to advantage.
The Monkey will benefit from the support and goodwill of others and whenever he is considering possibilities or has decisions to make,it would be advisable to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the others.
Rooster Forecast
As Roosters will be in a position directly offending the Star of Taisui, This year should be the year of low-profile and vigilance for Rooster.Maintain an optimistic
thinking and altruistic maner in handling daily issues;you will be able to go through the whole year steadily and safely.If possible,
avoid travel and going to inauspicious places like graveyard,funeral and hospital.
Dog Forecast
With compliance with the star of Taisui, you will enjoy numerable blessings throughout the year.Build on your own strength and move forward,as Rabbit Year will have alot positive time for you and many occasions can go in your favor.
Many Dogs will also have excellent cause for some domestic celebrations throughout the year.Alot is set to happen this year and although this can put additional pressure, you will often delight in your achievements.
Pig Forecast
After a Tiger year that full of setbacks and frustrations,Pig will finally find some peace and celebration in Rabbit Year.Pigs will see significant improvement in Rabbit Year,but remember to keep a vigilant and sound attitude whenever changing occurs.

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Updated: Dec'2010
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